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Merit Megatouch Touchscreen Machines
Our New Page With New Lower Prices!

We sell fully refurbished Megatouch touchscreen games as seen on bar tops. If you enjoy playing these in restaurants, you'll love having one at home. All of our touchscreens come with the following:

  • Two Year Warranty (New)
  • One Year Warranty (Used)
  • Lifetime Tech Support
  • Free Nationwide Shipping

Various models include:

The Ultimate: Flatpanel Evo

Countertop Force Radion

Upright Force Radion

Call Now to Price Your Game!


As part of the restoration process, our games are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Every component is checked for proper function and repaired or replaced if needed. Cabinet sides are cleaned or repainted as necessary. New power supplies are installed. Before delivery, all games are powered up for 48 hours and game play is tested thoroughly. This allows us to offer one of the best warranties available on a refurbished Merit Megatouch. Call now to price your game.

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Why Buy an AGS Refurbished Game?

1) New megatouch machines can cost as much as twice the price and in most cases do not offer a wider game selection.

2) The Warranty: Our reconditioned touchscreen games come with a 1 year warranty! You'll find that our used game warranty beats many of our competitor’s new game warranties!


Flatpanel Force Evo 2011

Fully reconditioned Merit Megatouch Evo Touchscreen. Our Evo touchscreens come with a new power supply, a rebuilt motherboard and a one-year warranty.

These rebuilt Evo's have been upgraded to the latest 2011 software. This choice allows you to have a modern flatpanel megatouch that plays the newest games but at nearly half the price of a new machine.

With over 140 popular Merit games, this unit is sure to be a crowd pleaser at home gatherings or a source of friendly competition within the family. With the upgradeable dollar bill acceptor these are consistent moneymakers on location. Unit can be set for free play for home use.

Reconditioned Price: $2,195 New lower Price.

In stock and ready to go!

Evo Megatouch for sale with warranty

Play the newest games at nearly half the price of a new machine!

Some of the 140+ Games Include:
Puzzle Games

● Sudoku 6
● Crypt Raiders
● Tai Play
● Castle Bandits
● Funky Monkey
● TV Guide Crosswords
● Quik Match
● Jumble Crosswords
● Chug 21
● Motor Match
● Tri Castles
● Magic Charms
● Jumble
● Match 'Em Up
● Four Play
● Pix Mix
● Look Out
● Puzzle Merit-Thon
● Box Glide
● Fast Lane
● Super Lone Star
● Lone Star
● Memoree 2001

Mega Sports Games

● Sports Merit Thon
● Golf Around The World
● Golf Space Adventure
● Megatouch Mini-Golf
● Mega Bowling
● Hoop Jones
● MGA Championship Golf
● Puck Shot
● QB Zone
● Rack ‘Em
● Tennis Ace
● Pro Sports Pharaoh’s Fortune
● Rack ‘Em 9 Ball
● Air Shot
● Pro Sports H2H Trivia
● G-O-O-O-A-L
● Pro Sports Mystery Phraze
● Pro Sports Word Safari

Erotic Games

● Photo Hunt Penthouse
● Penthouse Photo Pop
● Photo Hunt Chippendales
● Foxy Boxxi Penthouse
● Foxy Boxxi Chippendales
● Look Out Penthouse
● Look Out Chippendales
● Pix mix pent
● Pix mix chip
● Card Bandits Erotic
● Castle Bandits Erotic
● Strip Club
● Trivia Whiz Erotic
● Power Trivia Erotic
● Match ‘Em up Erotic
● Mysterty Phrase Erotic
● H2H Photo Hunt Erotic
● Memoree 2001 Erotic
● Photo Hunt Erotic
● Foxy Boxxi
● Look Out Erotic
● Pix Mix Erotic

Strategy Games

● Feeding Frosty
● Monkey Bash
● Breakin Bricks
● Boxxi
● 11 Ball
● Monster Madness
● Q Shot
● Pharaoh’s 9
● Chip Away
● BoxDrop
● Bigtime Roller
● Vinci-ball
● Checkerz
● Luxor Survival
● Moondrop
● Quik Chess
● Wild Apes
● Meteor Shower
● BackJammin
● Hooter
● Multi Category Merit-Thon
● Domino 5
● Strategy Merit Thon
● 3 Some
● Super Snubbel
● Conquest
● Astro Joe

Quiz and Word Games

● Trivia Whiz
● Photo Hunt
● Word Dojo
● Wordster
● Tic Tac Trivia
● TV Guide Cross Words
● Jumble Crosswords
● Mystery Phrase
● Word Safari
● Power Trivia
● Word Fever
● Snap Shot
● Gender Bender
● Pro Sports Quiz Show
● H2H Photo Hunt
● H2H Gender Bender
● H2H Trivia
● Jumble
● Let It Ride Trivia
● Trivia Treasure
● Tricky Fish
● Quiz & Word Merit Thon
● H2H Pro Sports Trivia
● Pro Sports Mystery Phraze
● Pro Sports Word Safari
● Quiz Show Pharaoh’s Fortune
● H2H Safari
● Pro Sports Pharaoh’s Fortune
● Word Serve

● Texas hold em 4
● Uno 52 Poker
● Card Raiders
● Card Bandits
● Card Pirates
● Tri Towers
● 11 Up
● Power Solitaire
● Race Poker
● Take 2
● Skat
● Trilogy Merit-Thon
● Run 21
● Great Solitaire
● Speed Draw
● Zip 21
● Gin Rummy
● Battle 31
● Card Merit-Thon
● Outlaw Poker
● Outer Spades
● Let It Ride Poker
● Wild 8s
● Quik Cell
● Crazy Hearts
● Royal Flash
● Euchre Nights
● Trip Flip
● Flash 7
● Pile High

Head 2 Head Games

● H2H Gender Bender
● H2H Photo Hunt
● H2H Safari
● H2H Trivia
● Pro Sports H2H Trivia

Kid's Club Games

● Sticker Book
● Kids’ KolorTime
● Megatouch Switcheroo
● Kids’ Photo Hunt
● Monkey Bash
● Megatouch Mini Golf
● Golf Around the World
● Golf Space Adventure
● Monster Madness
● Hoop Jones
● QB Zone
● Funky Monkey
● Vinci-Ball
● Meteor Shower
● G-O-O-O-A-L Tennis Ace
● Air Shot
● Mega Bowling
● Look Out
● Snap Shot
● Astro Joe
● Four Play
● Match ‘Em Up
● Checkerz
● Wild Apes

Force Radion

This unit plays all of Merits top-level game collection. The machine has a total collection of 140 Merit games ready to play. It has been completely overhauled and shopped out. A new LCD monitor has been installed for a perfect, bright like-new picture that will give superior reliability. Compare with tube monitors in original production line available from other retailers.

Reconditioned Price: $1,195 New lower Price.

Tubed Monitor Version: $900

In stock and ready to go!

Merit Megatouch Force Radion for sale with warranty

New LCD Monitor Installed!


Upright Force Radion

If you don't have the countertop space to spare, this upright pedestal model is the way to go. Pull your barstool up to this freestanding unit which plays all of Merits top level game collection. The machine has a total collection of 140 popular Merit games. Completely overhauled and shopped out, these upright free-play models will provide years of fun for the family.

Reconditioned Price: $950 New lower Price.

In stock and ready to go!

Pic Coming Soon




Stand Alone Pedestal Model Frees Up Bar Space!

Don't See It Here? We sell many countertop and upright megatouch games not listed above. If you are searching for a specific video arcade game not pictured on this site, please inquire about it here. We most likely carry it!

AGS Tip: It is very important that you buy a megatouch that has truely been refurbished. There are many used megatouch machines being sold out there that have not been touched internally. These machines were on non-stop in commercial locations where dust clogged ventilation fans cause overheating and internal damage. Uncorrected, this will lead to failure in most cases that may not show up for months after your purchase.

Local Pickup: Come pickup your machine at our Maryland showroom with over 60 arcade games on display. This gives you the option of playing before purchase.

Delivery: Nationwide shipping to your front door is free.

Warranty: Warranties cover all mechanical and electronic components of the machine. Lifetime tech support included.

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